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  • What To Expect When Getting A Home Custom Built

    Building a home means much more than just building a house - the construction of a custom home entails building a place to create memories with your friends and loved ones.

    In choosing to build your own home, you are taking yourself and your entire household on a process of ups and downs, but one that can be one of the best decisions you can possibly make as a property owner. Here is why:

    Personalization and Customization

    One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of a custom home is that it is designed to meet your specific needs. There is no need to compromise or make do with what’s available on the market. With custom design planning, you get exactly what you want, from the floor plan to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms–your home is designed based around your specifications.

    Many common questions clients have at this stage will be related to how long, how much, where to start and when to start the construction process. The most important questions we recommend asking are the following:

    - What do you want from your home?

    - Do you anticipate your family or personal desire for space growing in the future?

    - Are you planning for this house to be your forever home?

    Your current needs and the needs you will have in the near future have to be considered in the planning phase. The best part of building a custom home is being able to plan now for your needs in the future. You will be able to either include your needs in the pre-construction phase or plan development in a manner that allows you to add on in future renovations–if you choose to go that route.

    How long does it take to complete a custom home?

    There are numerous variables involved in building a custom home. To provide a realistic timeline, make sure to include planning and preparation, which respectively take a good amount of time. Once permits are received and quotes, warrantys, contracts and designs are approved, a minimum of six months should be your starting point. 

    You Will Save More Money

    While you may sacrifice time, a custom built home will save you more money in the short and long term. Though buying a pre-built house may seem more affordable upfront, a custom home can lower your expenses as construction progresses, and will greatly appreciate in value as time goes by. Discuss with us your budget right from the start and we will work with you as realistically as possible.

    Let’s get to work on your Dream Home Now

    FarDun Group was founded when two friends -  Adam Farkas and Collin Dunkley  - brought their combined 35 years of construction, trades and business experience together. We are a HCRA/Tarion Approved builder and life long residents of this community. 

    Our mission: Build Dreams, Invest in Our Community and offer a Great Client Experience. We #getitdone

    Learn more about your options by contacting us. Tell us about your design ideas, and let’s start working on them today!


    One of the many questions we get as an Ontario Homebuilder is whether or not construction continues through the winter.

    The answer is YES, it does. While the frigid weather may make some things more difficult, you may be surprised to learn that there are some real benefits to building your home in the winter. Take a look at some of them below.


    You were probably expecting to hear the opposite! While extreme weather situations like huge snow storms and freezing temperatures may cause delays here and there, it is entirely possible that your home will be built faster in the winter. This is largely due to a decrease in demand.

    Since many people are reluctant to start construction in the winter, contractors, designers, and the rest of your home-building team typically only have to focus their efforts on a handful of jobs. This means they can devote more attention to your new home, often resulting in a shorter build time.

    This decreased demand can also affect the time it takes to get building permits. With less people applying, the permit process can speed up considerably, allowing your team to get to work faster.


    Unless they get caught in the middle of a whiteout, contractors often prefer snowy days to those with heavy rain. As long as they have the proper equipment and supplies on hand, they can usually just cover the construction area and continue doing their jobs. Snow doesn’t pool and soak areas like the rain can, so if it does accumulate, it’s simply a matter of brushing or shoveling it away the next day


    A lot of people try to plan their new home construction around their ideal move-in date. For example, some families want to get settled into their new home before the school year starts, while others want it ready for spring planting and landscaping.

    Whatever move-in date you’re after, then a winter construction may be necessary.

    Thinking the winter is a perfect time to begin your custom project? Now comes the moment to involve FarDun Group. 

    Whether its New Home Construction Eavestrough and Siding, Interior renovations, Landscaping Services (interlock patios, rock retaining walls, walkways).  We like to say we are about Making Your Dream Home Come True - Inside and Out.

  • Reflection and Gratitude

    This time of year is one which embraces opportunities for family and friends to come together. It is also a time of year that leads to Reflection and Gratitude.

    Like any other, this year was a mix of ups and downs, but at FarDun Group we are deeply grateful for this year of 2023 and also excited for the future ahead.

    2023 was the year we became HCRA/Tarion Certified Home Builders. It had been a dream for us. This certification will (and has) opened opportunities for us which will make 2024 exciting.

    2023 was also the year we were able to #getitdone in the lives of others. This past year saw us turning over keys to new home builds, finishing interior and exterior projects, installing pools,completing landscaping and so many more projects. For us, #getitdone is more than our ‘rally cry’ – it is what leads us each day as we embark upon the tasks of the day, and seek to live out our vision as a company: Build Dreams, Invest in Our Community and offer a Great Client Experience. We choose to Get it Done!

    Alright, so the above is the reflection part. Now the gratitude!

    Thank you to all who are part of the FarDun family – our crew, our spouses and children, our suppliers, sub trades, strategic partners, community connections and a growing list of satisfied clients.

    You give us the momentum, but also the reason, to #getitdone and without you we couldn’t.

    So, as we start to say goodbye to 2023, let’s take all those experiences from our reflection and our gratitude, learn from them, and use them to make 2024 even better. 

    Adam and Collin

  • Big Day for FarDun

    Adam, Collin and the entire FarDun crew and families, just want to say THANK YOU to so many of you in our community for your support to help make this dream a reality.

    Today a new chapter begins for FarDun Group Inc as we become registered New Home Builders.

    We look forward to the exciting new opportunities to #getitdone

  • Get It Done!

    Get it Done!

    At FarDun Group that is our ‘rally cry’ – it is what keeps us going.

    Daily as Adam, Collin and the FarDun crew embark upon the tasks of the day and seek to live out our vision as a company: Build Dreams, Invest in Our Community and offer a Great Client Experience. We choose to Get it Done!

    You might wonder why?

    Well, back in 2020 when two childhood friends got together with over 30 years combined experience in Construction and Project Management to form FarDun Group, it was to take the talents we had developed and make a difference in our home town. We feel we have found our unique way to do that.

    We give back to our community, we treat people respectfully, honestly, with transparency and we want to help others experience their dream – whatever size, scope or shape that is – especially when it comes to the construction management of their New Home Build.

    We are grateful for the opportunities we have been given through strategic partnerships, community connections and a growing list of satisfied clients.

    So let’s go back to the question – you might wonder why we are so focussed on Get it Done!?

    Well this month, we had another moment that reminded us.

    We finished the construction management of another New Home Build and we experienced the satisfaction, the enthusiasm and the joy of the owners when we turned over the keys to their new home. Inside the echo was clear – this is why we Get It Done!

    Whether its New Home Construction Management, Eavestrough and Siding, Interior renovations, Landscaping Services (interlock patios, rock retaining walls, walkways) and pool installations too.  We like to say we are about Making Your Dream Home Come True - Inside and Out. 

    We Get it Done!