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    Get It Done!

    Get it Done!

    At FarDun Group that is our ‘rally cry’ – it is what keeps us going.

    Daily as Adam, Collin and the FarDun crew embark upon the tasks of the day and seek to live out our vision as a company: Build Dreams, Invest in Our Community and offer a Great Client Experience. We choose to Get it Done!

    You might wonder why?

    Well, back in 2020 when two childhood friends got together with over 30 years combined experience in Construction and Project Management to form FarDun Group, it was to take the talents we had developed and make a difference in our home town. We feel we have found our unique way to do that.

    We give back to our community, we treat people respectfully, honestly, with transparency and we want to help others experience their dream – whatever size, scope or shape that is – especially when it comes to the construction management of their New Home Build.

    We are grateful for the opportunities we have been given through strategic partnerships, community connections and a growing list of satisfied clients.

    So let’s go back to the question – you might wonder why we are so focussed on Get it Done!?

    Well this month, we had another moment that reminded us.

    We finished the construction management of another New Home Build and we experienced the satisfaction, the enthusiasm and the joy of the owners when we turned over the keys to their new home. Inside the echo was clear – this is why we Get It Done!

    Whether its New Home Construction Management, Eavestrough and Siding, Interior renovations, Landscaping Services (interlock patios, rock retaining walls, walkways) and pool installations too.  We like to say we are about Making Your Dream Home Come True - Inside and Out. 

    We Get it Done!


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