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    Reflection and Gratitude

    This time of year is one which embraces opportunities for family and friends to come together. It is also a time of year that leads to Reflection and Gratitude.

    Like any other, this year was a mix of ups and downs, but at FarDun Group we are deeply grateful for this year of 2023 and also excited for the future ahead.

    2023 was the year we became HCRA/Tarion Certified Home Builders. It had been a dream for us. This certification will (and has) opened opportunities for us which will make 2024 exciting.

    2023 was also the year we were able to #getitdone in the lives of others. This past year saw us turning over keys to new home builds, finishing interior and exterior projects, installing pools,completing landscaping and so many more projects. For us, #getitdone is more than our ‘rally cry’ – it is what leads us each day as we embark upon the tasks of the day, and seek to live out our vision as a company: Build Dreams, Invest in Our Community and offer a Great Client Experience. We choose to Get it Done!

    Alright, so the above is the reflection part. Now the gratitude!

    Thank you to all who are part of the FarDun family – our crew, our spouses and children, our suppliers, sub trades, strategic partners, community connections and a growing list of satisfied clients.

    You give us the momentum, but also the reason, to #getitdone and without you we couldn’t.

    So, as we start to say goodbye to 2023, let’s take all those experiences from our reflection and our gratitude, learn from them, and use them to make 2024 even better. 

    Adam and Collin


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